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Music Class


It all started with an 11-year-old boy learning to play the bass. Ever since he was a kid, Gabriel Balderas had an adventurous life, moving around from country to country, from China to Honduras.

While moving around, he met many artists and talented people that wanted to start up their own projects and improve their communities.

During his last years of university in sciences of communications, Gabriel began working on audio branding and started to develop his expertise in music marketing. After some time of working in the corporative industry as a senior digital marketing executive, Gabriel decided it's time to go all-out in the audio branding industry. 

He formed a team of other musicians and people he had known that were passionate about their art to form a project in which artists and brands would grow together, creating what is known as 'Sound Motif' today.


Gabriel Balderas Sound Motif.jpeg

Gabriel Balderas

Chief Executive Officer

"We may loose a lot of things in life, but as long as we have the ability to process sounds  and the meanings these give us, we cannot be alone, and that is to have hope."

Francisco Balderas

North-America Sales Director

"If you're waiting for a sign, well this is it."

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