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The 2020 lockdown has shown everybody how crucial digital marketing is to sustain a business afloat. Now, more than ever, you need to have a professional digital marketing strategy in order to get the attention of your target audience.

With Digital Marketing Gold you are assigned a social media manager for the following platforms:


· Facebook

· Instagram



· 4 images per week.

· 1 video every 2 months.


· Organic Content Creation

· Custom Graphic Design

· Keyword research

· Stock Images (If Needed)

· Marketing Strategy Report (WC)

· End-of-Month Discussion Call

· Cover Photo Redesign (If Needed)

· Profile Picture Redesign (If Needed)

· Marketing to Existing Facebook Groups

· Monthly Progress Report Discussion

· Weekly Updated Calendar

· Customer Success Manager

· Graphic Designer

· Campaign Manager

· Email Support


You'll receive an email from a member of our team when you purchase your product so we can get started on your digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing (Gold)

Sales Tax Included
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