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Top 3 uses of a jingle

Have you ever wondered how McDonalds’ became so big? It’s no secret that their audio branding strategies helped them position them as the titan they are today. So, with this in mind, how should your business implement audio branding? Here are our top 3 uses of a jingle

1: Marketing Campaigns

You can use your jingle to better position your marketing campaigns whenever someone watches your videos, it works like a charm!

2: Promote your business in podcasts

Having a jingle for your marketing campaigns will help your brand promote itself on mediums that your competitors have no clue on how to promote themselves.

3: Have it as a ringtone

You can incorporate your jingle on your UX by inciting your clients to download your jingle as a ringtone, having a better immersive UX.

And there they are! Top 3 uses of a jingle for your business. If you don’t already have audio branding, we are here to help you.

Sound Motif and its’ sonic branding services are open 24/7 and available on their website Visit Sound Motif and upgrade your business rocking out with audio logos!

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