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5 most recognizable audio logos

Do you know what audio branding is? You’ve most likely heard it so many times but haven’t realized the impact it has on its target audience. Whenever business incorporate audio branding into their marketing strategies, they’ve seen growth in their brand and in the confidence their customers have in their business. So, which businesses have done this spectacularly? We share with you our top 5 picks.

1: Netflix - Audio logo

Netflix’ famous “Tuh-Duh!” has become so recognizable that whenever you hear it, it automatically sets you in a chill mood to enjoy your favorite movie or series, now that’s effective audio branding!

2: McDonals’ - I’m Lovin’ It

McDonalds’ is a special case in audio branding. “I’m Lovin’ it!” was mainly incorporated as a jingle that would accompany most of its marketing campaigns, but realizing that the end phrase (Ba-da-da-da-daa) had the best hook, they took that part of the jingle and turned it into their audio logo. Clever, huh?

3: Apple - Mac’s Startup Sound

We’ve all fallen victim to the awesome sensation you get whenever you power up a mac, that soothing “Daaan”! Makes you feel like you’re in for a special treat. This is another strategy that instead of incorporating an audio logo into your brand, you can incorporate it into your product or service.

4: Nintendo - Evolving Audio Logo

Nintendo’s audio logo has evolved throughout its history, in the 90’s when Super Mario 64 came out, they changed their audio logo to the iconic sound of getting a coin in the classic Mario games. Nowadays you can identify the brand with the “SNAP” sound that always plays in the beginning of their videos.

5: Intel Inside - Audio Logo

Intel Inside is also one of the most recognizable audio logos in the world, assimilating phonetically the brand name into an extraordinarily rememberable musical phrase.

And there they are! Our top 5 most recognizable audio logos. If you don’t already have audio branding, we are here to help you.

Sound Motif and its’ sonic branding services are open 24/7 and available on their website Visit Sound Motif and upgrade your business rocking out with audio logos!

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